Disabled Access

When working with a disability there are various different laws in place, which are there to protect you against all sorts of things, from discrimination to making sure you are able to access the property without any hassle. The Equality Act 2010 is in place to ensure that employers do not discriminate against you as an individual because of your disability. The Equality Act 2010 covers you in a number of ways including, help with application forms, interview arrangements, your terms of employment including pay and dismissal and redundancy.

An employer has a legal requirement to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to your work place to avoid you being put at any risk or disadvantage compared to any other employees without a disability. This may mean that your employer will need to make adjustments to the access to the property by installing a ramp for easier access, or even add grab handles & drop down rails into the bathroom to make using the wash room easier for you.

An employer who is recruiting staff has a limited amount of questions they can ask an individual with a disability, you can only be asked questions about your disability if they need to know for the purpose of national security checks or to help decide if you can carry out a task that is an essential part of the work.

Also, you cannot be made redundant purely because you have a disability either. The redundancy process needs to be made fair to all employees within the work place.

So whether you are reading this post because you are wanting to know your rights as a disabled individual, or you are an employer needing alterations to your property, GMC Access can help you.

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