Disability Bathrooms/Disabled Adaptations

Typically, in the past, disability bathrooms have been overly institutionalised in style and have stuck to clinical styles, colours and designs. Well, not anymore. Bathrooms for people with disabilities or older people can look just as good (if not better) than any mainstream bathroom you’d see in a showroom or boutique hotel.

Here at GMC Projects, we pride ourselves on not only producing the best quality products which make a bathroom truly accessible but in making sure that these products look as good as possible too. The style of our home is important to almost everyone, so why should people with disabilities or additional needs compromise?

What do disability bathrooms or Disabled Adaptations contain?

That would completely depend on the needs of the user. You would usually expect to see a walk in shower solution of some sort, whether that be a low or level access shower tray or a wet room. If the user of the bathroom needs support whilst showering there may be a shower seat installed with a selection of thoughtfully positioned grab rails too. A shower screen would keep the rest of the bathroom dry from the water out of the electric shower or mixer shower.

Elsewhere in the room, you may expect to see a raised height toilet that is easier to get on and off and some easy to use paddle taps on the ergonomic washbasin.

There are no right or wrong answers to the question “what should go in a disability bathroom?” as it all depends on the specific needs of those that will use it.

Getting a Disabled Adaptation via a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG)

If you or somebody close to you has a disability that affects their use of a standard bathroom, then they could be eligible for a DFG from their local council that will provide funding for them to be able to adapt their bathroom with accessible products to enable them to shower and use the room more independently. For more information on the DFG, please visit www.gov.uk.

Choosing the right bathroom for the needs of the user

When it comes to accessibility in the bathroom, it’s all relative. Accessibility can only be truly measured on a user by user basis. What may be perfectly accessible for one person may be completely inaccessible for another. This is where our in-depth surveying and evaluation process is invaluable.

Is DOC M a disability bathroom?

DOC M is short for Document M, a legal guideline which explains the minimum requirements for a disabled bathroom. It does explain the requirement for accessible equipment for public toilet facilities but does not provision for showering or bathing.

How long will the adaptation to the bathroom take?

That depends on the amount of work required, as adding a few carefully positioned grab rails and an ergonomic toilet seat may only take a few hours, a full wet room installation can take much longer, depending on the installer. In general GMC projects take 5 days from start to completion, sometimes slightly quicker and always start on a Monday to avoid any upheaval over a weekend.



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