Why Fire Door Inspection Is So Important

Why are Fire Door Inspections so important?

If you are a business owner you are required to carry out an inspection on all your fire doors to see if they are suitable for use & compliant, failing to do so could potentially be fatal. Fire doors offer a crucial role in protecting you and your employees from a fire and smoke if fitted with the correct Intumescent Seals. It does this by sectioning off the fire in one particular place in the building preventing it from spreading to other areas.

Fire Door inspection should be carried out on a regular basis, this helps to ensure your Fire Doors are completely compliance, a written record of the fire door inspection should be kept also.

So what can we do?

We are Fire Door experts based in Plymouth, we strictly follow BM Trada Q Mark guidelines for fire door installation, inspection and maintenance. When we carry out an inspection, we carry out a minimum 34 industry specific fire door checks on every single Fire Door. From this, we will then provide you with a full detailed report on what changes need to be made to bring your fire doors up to standard, we will also provide you with pictures so you can see for yourself the dangers and hazards of each fire door.

Not having your fire doors checked could cost you dearly, you would be putting people’s lives at risk, and you could receive a large fine for not supplying adequately maintained & compliant fire doors.

For example, the well-known retailer B&M was fined a massive £27,500 by Fire Protection officers from Nottingham. They discovered that the fire doors were locked and unable to be used in an emergency as well as many other fire safety breaches.

You can read more here on other expensive safety breaches; http://www.staylegal.net/top-25-expensive-fines-fire-safety-breaches/


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