Why Fire Doors Are So Important

What’s the fuss about fire doors? Why are they so important? This is something we hear on a regular basis. Well the truth is, they are very important. They help save lives, public & private property including yours. Because of this Fire Door Inspections are extremely important. Fire doors form a essential part to fire protection within a building construction, without the appropriate specifications, and regular expert fire door inspections and quality maintenance, your fire doors are significantly less likely to be effective in providing you and others, the required safety in a building in the event of a Fire.

So who is responsible for checking fire doors? The answer is your employer. Your employer is legally responsible for all fire safety within the work place. This also still applies if you have paying guests, for example, if you run a bed and breakfast, guest house or if you let a self catering property. You can check out the .Gov website for all of the responsibilities a business owner holds, as well as non-domestic and shared properties.

Its crucial to make sure your’e fire doors have been installed and manufactured via a Third Party Certified Company and that they have a fire test certificate to indicate that they are fit for purpose and compliant. Your fire doors need regular inspections to ensure their complete compliance along with a written record of the fire door inspection carried out, this should be kept by the person who is the nominated responsible person,  for whenever it is required either for a Fire Risk assessment or any Building Insurance Renewals.

Here at GMC Projects we strictly follow BM Trada Q Mark guidelines for Fire door installations, inspections and maintenance in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall. We will check all of your fire doors and then provide you with a detailed report with the potential hazards for any incorrectly installed fire doors.

After all, can you afford to ignore your fire doors?


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