Fire Doors Save Lives

The Importance of Fire Doors   Do you own, manage or work in a building, if the answer is yes, it’s essential that you follow the necessary health and safety regulations to protect your building and its occupants, whilst meeting with the current fire safety legislation, we all have a duty of care and should…

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Why You Should Have a Fire Door Inspection

Fire Door Inspection- Don’t Become a Victim of Fire If your a building owner, landlord or the responsible person in your company, why are you not having a Fire Door Inspection carried out on all your fire doors, is it your budget or are you just unaware of your responsibilities under The Regulatory Reform Fire…

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Know Your Fire Safety Law

Fire Safety Know Your Fire Safety Law, Fire safety Law in England is enacted slightly different than that of Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland, but the general terms and regulations are similar in respect of where they apply, and to whom? The Fire Safety Law applies to nearly all premises and covers most types of buildings, structures and…

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Fire Doors “Whats All The Fuss”

Fire Doors- “Whats All The Fuss”? Why all the fuss about Fire Doors you may ask, they are only doors after all, sometimes they shut, sometimes they don’t and most of the time I keep them wedged open as it’s a pain to have to keep opening them when they keep shutting!!! Sound Familiar– The…

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