Fire Doors- “Whats All The Fuss”?

Why all the fuss about Fire Doors you may ask, they are only doors after all, sometimes they shut, sometimes they don’t and most of the time I keep them wedged open as it’s a pain to have to keep opening them when they keep shutting!!!

Sound Familiar– The best way to describe a Fire Door and its essential purpose “ Saving Lives & Property”, is by using a Car as an example. A Fire Door is like a car seat belt, a car seat belt when worn correctly is there to protect you and save lives in the event of an accident, a Fire Doors Purpose is the same, correctly fitted so it shuts and not wedged open, essential protection in the event of a Fire.

Fire Door Inspection- “Why All The Fuss”?

“Why do I need a Fire Door Inspection” you ask, I look at my Fire Door and it’s a door like any other door, they all look the same and I only shut it when I want Privacy or to keep a draught out!!

Wrong– Under the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 (RRFSO), every Facilities Manager, Responsible Person, Landlord or Building Owner has to maintain and ensure that all Fire Doors are fit for Purpose and Compliant, in the event of a Fire.

So think of a Fire Door Inspection the same way as you do when you take your Car for a Mot, if your garage fails your Car after a MOT Inspection, its because your Car is unsafe to drive and could endanger Lives, stopping you and any passengers getting to where you’re meant to be!! You wont know how or if your Fire Door has been fitted correctly, until its too late, “dont take the Risk, Insist on Third Party Certification”

We carry out an Industry & BM Trada Q Mark specific 34 point check on your Fire Doors, this Fire Door Inspection will highlight any areas of concern, including failures where either the door gaps are too big-FAIL,

Intumescent Seals are damaged or missing-FAIL or the Fire Door & Frame has been fitted incorrectly- FAIL. This Inspection would, like a car MOT, mean you should rectify all points & Repairs picked up and use a “Third Party Certified Fire Door Maintenance Company” like GMC Projects, meaning in the event of a Fire, you will stand a better chance of survival.

Fire Door Maintenance– “That’s just an excuse to charge me money, any Carpenter can carry out Fire Door Maintenance”

Wrong– Fire Door Maintenance should only be carried out by Third Party Certified Companies like GMC Projects who have BM Trada Q Mark Fire Door Maintenance Certification. What does this BM Trada Q Mark Fire Door Certification mean to me I hear you ask & why should I agree to have it done.

Think of Fire Door Maintenance like you would when you get your Car serviced at your local Garage, Regular Servicing & Maintenance will help prolong the life of the Car and keep big MOT Bills at bay. GMC Projects are your Fire Door Maintenance Service, we are Audited twice a year to ensure we maintain the high standards and conformities expected by BM Trada Q Mark, we only carry out essential maintenance and repairs on the elements picked up in the 34 Point Check.

GMC Projects are certified to carry out tried and tested Accepted Repair Techniques on any Fire Doors that have failed a Fire Door Inspection, this could be Intumescent Seal replacement, Adjusting Door to Frame Gaps, Door Lipping Repairs, Intumescent packing between the frame and Structural Opening and many more.

Statistics of Samples of Fire Door Inspections Carried out:

61% of 677 Fire Doors Checked had incorrect, Faulty or Missing Fire or Smoke Seals

Over a third of Fire Doors Had the incorrect signage on the door i.e Indicating wether a Fire Door should be kept Locked or Shut

Of 230no Fire Doors Inspected, the gaps around the Door To the Frame were bigger than the 3-4mm allowed as specified in BS 9999:2008 & BS 8214:2008

20% of Fire Doors Inspected had incorrectly fitted or unsuitable hinges for the Fire Rating of the specific Door as indicated in the Fire Risk Assessment.

Between 1 in 6 of the Fire Doors Inspected, showed there was enough minor or major damage to hinder and prevent the Fire Door working correctly in the event of a Fire.

These statistics showed of the 677 Doors Inspected, there where 2506 Faults Highlighted, now if this was your Car after a MOT, it would be deemed as a Death Trap. Don’t Fall Into The Trap of thinking Fire Door Safety is Someone Else’s Problem or Job to Do, We all have a “Duty of Care” to ensure anyone using or visiting a School, Public Building or Property, that they can do so safely and in the event of a Fire, that all Fire Doors will work properly and “Help Save Lives & Property”

What we Do:

Supply, Install & Certify Fire Doors, carry out 34 Point Specific Fire Door Inspections, Repair and Maintain Fire Doors all through our BM Trada Q Mark Certification.

Contact GMC Projects via our website www.gmcprojects.co.uk or our office 01752 308567 & ask to speak to one of our representatives.


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