If health and safety is at the top of the priority pyramid for building managers at commercial sites across the UK, then fire safety is right at the very tip. Responsible organisations have a duty of care to put in place safety measures related to fire, and one of the ways they can do this is through commercial fire doors.

Fire doors – some simple facts

These days, advances in production techniques for doors mean that commercial organisations can ensure they fulfil many purposes, including providing security which allows only accredited personnel to enter and acoustic properties which make them sound proof. These features are increasingly combined with fire safety attributes, which typically vary according to the type of materials used.

While FD30 timber doors are fireproof up to 30 minutes, FD120 timber doors offer two hours protection, and steel doors can provide fire proofing for as long as four hours. Fire resistant doors are either mass produced or made to measure – many commercial organisations might find that bespoke, custom made fire doors are easier to match with their requirements.

The fire door production process

The manufacturing process for commercial fire doors typically combines hand crafting with machinery to produce the finished product, and the matching of veneers is another important part of the design of glazed fire doors and other types. Commercial fire door production techniques can also depend on whether the product is intended for use within an interior or exterior of a building.

Features of commercial fire doors

Some commercial fire doors have automatic closing systems which use a time delay door release mechanism, which can be triggered in the case of an emergency. Smoke detectors and smoke seals are other typical features which you can find, and you can expect fire doors to have passed through a rigorous testing process before being released onto the commercial market.

Fire door maintenance and inspections

According to health and safety standards in the UK – specifically BS 9999 – fire doors should be inspected at least every six months, in line with the code of practice for fire safety within buildings.


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