So what are Fire Doors? Well, fire doors are a type of door that are used to contain a fire in a particular part of the building. They help protect the people in your property from any smoke or fire, they are seen as part of a passive fire protection system. The walls surrounding the fire doors can also be seen to be fire resistant. Different fire doors have different hourly ratings, this means the length of time the fire door can stand up to a fire.

Fire doors can be made of various different types of materials, not all of these are fireproof, however they are used because of the length of time they can withstand a fire. The two main materials that fire doors are made of are, timber and steel. Fire doors can often be plain or panelled, they can also be glazed if this is required however, they do need to fitted with with fire resistant glass.  Fire doors are often sealed to stop any smoke from getting through as is the door frame to the structural opening. The door must be tested, compliant and be seen as suitable to use, they are then given a ‘fire rating’.

Fire rating’s are times on how long the fire door can withstand direct exposure to a flame. These hourly ratings are indicated as FD120, FD90, FD60 & FD30, where a doorset or door is indicated with an S at the end of the FD rating, this indicates smoke seal door. A two hour (FD120) fire rating door is mostly used in a larger building. Fire Doors are sometimes unable to provide the protection they are supposed to due to incorrect operation or installation, this can potentially have a fatal ending. Its is important to check that all fire doors are not being obstructed in any way and its important to make sure they are well maintained. Fire Doors need to be regularly checked to see if they are still working as originally installed and are still compliant due to any alterations to the building. Here at GMC Projects we can help you with an inspection of your property to see whether your Fire Door is suitable and if it requires any maintenance and remedial works to make it compliant. 

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