Fire Doors

Many business owners are aware of the current Fire Safety Laws within the work place, however there is a small number of business owners who either do not know the current laws or they choose not to abide by them. First of all, do you know who is responsible? You are responsible for the fire safety in a business if you are an employer, the owner, the landlord or the occupier. This person is known as the ‘responsible person’ if there is more than one responsible person, you are required to work together to meet your responsibilities.   

As the responsible person you have a list of responsibilities that include; carrying out a Fire Risk Assessment of the premises and review it regularly, plan for a potential emergency and provide staff information, fire safety instruction and training. The responsible person is also required to keep a written record of your fire risk assessment if your business has 5 or more people. When carrying out an assessment you are required to identify the fire hazards, the people at risk, remove the risks, its important you must record your findings, provide an emergency plan and provide any necessary training to employees. Its also critical that you review and update the fire risk assessment regularly. Its important that you consider any emergency routes and exits that include Fire Doors, any fire detection systems, an emergency fire evacuation plan and staff fire training.

If you need help with your Fire Door Inspection, we can help you with this. We specialise in everything Fire Doors, from fire door inspection to fire door maintenance and fire door installation. We can provide you with what changes need doing to make your property safe as well as anyone inside.

Failure to comply with these laws can result in a hefty fine as well as possible jail sentence depending on the severity of each case. So get your property safe before its too late.


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