Here at GMC Fire doors, we work for both commercial and domestic clients. For example, landlords, public buildings and home owners who require or wish to have fire doors. Our business is well established offering the Supply only of Fire Doors, Fire Doors Inspection, Fire Doors Maintenance and Fire Doors Installation through our BM Trada Q Mark Certification and passive fire protection services throughout Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall as well as across the UK.

We focus on the needs for correctly installed and maintained Fire Doors, these when done correctly help save the lives of your employees and protect your building. All the Fire Doors we provide are certified and meets the needs of the client. We specialise in 3 main areas of Fire Doors, the inspection, installation and maintenance. We will come to your property and have a look and see what Fire doors are appropriate for your building as well as a detailed analysis from our bespoke software which will show you in detail what is needed and where, along with pictures to make it more understandable should you need them. Then we will move onto the maintenance and go over with you, what you need to do to ensure it stays up to standard & compliant of the regulations with Fire Doors. Finally, we move onto the installation.

All of our doors are installed correctly through the BM Trada Q Mark Fire Door Installation Scheme. The great thing about this is that we are able to trace through the audit trail, exactly where the door came from along with the materials used.

So why do we do all this? Our business ethos is based on saving lives, property and our clients along with you, time and money, whilst still providing you with a top quality service.


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