Fire Safety

Know Your Fire Safety Law, Fire safety Law in England is enacted slightly different than that of Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland, but the general terms and regulations are similar in respect of where they apply, and to whom?

The Fire Safety Law applies to nearly all premises and covers most types of buildings, structures and even open spaces, although not in a private house,  flats in a house or a block, but the Fire Safety Law does apply to common areas, parts of flats and HMOs (Houses of Multiple Occupation), except in Scotland & Northern Ireland.

Fire Safety Responsibility

Who is Responsible? Why or How Does the Fire Safety Law effect me?

The Fire Safety Law is applicable to any person who is responsible for the control of the premises or building known hereafter as The Responsible Person, what happens & what activities are carried out in the building, and more importantly if they have employees or members of Public that use the building or premises and who might be directly affected in the event of a Fire.

What Should You Do?

The responsible person must make sure that the building is safe and compliant in the event of a fire, all essential items such as Fire Doors, Fire Alarms, Fire Exits, Smoke Alarms & especially Fire alarms are working correctly and as originally installed.

A Fire Risk assessment is essential and mandatory for Fire Safety under the regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order, the Fire Risk Assessment will identify any areas of concern, risks that would hinder safe passage in the event of a Fire. Failure to ensure that all fire safety products are working as installed, could lead to prosecution, heavy fines and even Prison, “why take the risk, Insist on Third Party Certification“.

Fire Doors should be maintained and inspected initially within 6 months of installation due to movement and any change in humidity, & within newly built buildings and any premises recently refurbished,  & thereafter at least every 12 months. You will need to keep records of any inspections and also any maintenance or repairs carried out, GMC Projects can help with this through our bespoke Fire Door Inspection software and our BM Trada Q Mark Fire Door Maintenance Certification, which will highlight any areas of concern along with photos.

GMC Projects can carry out Accepted Repair Techniques all tested and approved through BM Trada and these repairs may well save you money instead of replacing the complete Door or Doorset, contact our office 01752 308567 or email info@gmcprojects.co.uk where one of our staff will gladly help.


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