What is the purpose of a fire door?

What is the purpose of a fire door? Fire rated doors have three main purposes in any building. These are to restrict the initial development of a fire, restrict the spread of an existing fire and to protect the building’s escape routes. A fire door that has been fitted correctly can restrict oxygen flow to a…

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How do you know if you need a steel fire door?

How do you know if you need a steel fire door? Ensuring that you use the correct fire door can be a case of life or death in an emergency situation. It is incredibly important that, if you are involved in this process, you make sure you know what it is you need to do…

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When Should Fire Doors Be Installed

When Should Fire Doors Be Installed? Fire doors should be installed in places like hotels, blocks of flats, schools and other public buildings. Fire doors are required to help save buildings and lives, as they will hold off the fire from spreading for a short while, so people can escape without injuries. Only a correctly…

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Fire Regulations For Business Owners

Fire Regulations for Business Owners   If you own a business there are a number of legal obligations that you have to consider. One of the most important is the compulsory Fire Regulations that have to be in place within every business premises. Here we’ll take a look at what you need to know, based…

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Fire Doors are Part of a Fire Safety Compliant Business

Fire Doors are Part of a Fire Safety Compliant Business Compliance in fire safety is often under appreciated. Due to fire safety being to a good standard these days, fires don’t happen on a regular basis, but this can lead to a relaxed attitude and a lowering of fire safety standards. Those business owners who…

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The essential facts about fire doors & PAS 24

The essential facts about fire doors & PAS 24 Doors being doors, not only do you want them to open and close, and, in the case of fire doors, prevent (or at least delay) the spread of fire and smoke, you might also want to look through them while they’re closed (in a laboratory, to…

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Make Sure Your Fire Door is the Right Size

Why Its Important Your Fire Door is the Right Size A Fire Door needs to be the correct size as it was manufactured & tested, otherwise the Fire Door will not react as tested in the event of a fire. When you’re considering fire door sizes, there are several reasons why it’s important to ensure…

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5 Point Fire Door Inspection

5 Point Check for Your Fire Doors   Certification: Check that your fire door is certified, there will usually be a label or plug on the top or side of the door. If your door does not include a label or plug, there is no evidence of certification, report it to the owner of your building….

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How Do Fire Doors Work?

How do fire doors work?   Fire doors have special seals that prevent cold smoke from passing through the small gaps between the door and frame. Fire door seals fit into the groove in the frame and shouldn’t get in the way of the door closing, if it does, the seal will need replacing. There…

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Fire Door Maintenance

Fire Door Maintenance Fire doors and all passive fire protection elements within the building play a part in the fire safety of a building and therefore in reducing risk to those within, so properly maintained fire doors form an essential element of the fire safety plan for every building. Regulatory Fire Safety Order When the…

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